Why choose Surface Retouch?

We have 12 years of expertise in fashion retouching and are based in London. Everything we do is focused on delivering the very best possible fashion images. Mostly working on shoots for editorial, look books and E commerce, we have developed a keen understanding of what is required to deliver beautiful images that will ultimately sell clothes. We strive to enhance each image to its maximum potential without the average viewer ever being aware we've done anything at all.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfect images, on time and on budget. We will strive to get you the very best outcome for each, and every task undertaken. You will have direct access to enable your needs to come through, there is no ego here, just a finely tuned ability to deliver the images you need. With many years of experience, and thousands of published images, we know we can provide you with the expert support your project requires, large or small.

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